Quality Care Hospice and Palliative Services

It is distinguished as pioneers in working on the coordination of palliative services throughout all of Puerto Rico.

What is a Palliative service?

They are the appropriate care for the patient with a chronic, degenerative and irreversible disease where the control of pain and other symptoms requires, in addition to medical support, directed care in the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects.

The most frequent signs and symptoms evaluated in palliative services are:

• Pain relief
• Treatment for nausea and vomiting
• Treatment to manage diarrhea
• Treatment for managing constipation
• Difficulty getting to sleep
• Loss of appetite
• Shortness of breath

Palliative care includes treatment for:

• Reduction of symptoms
• Managing emotions
• Social situations
• Spiritual aspects

As an essential part of palliative services we are part of an interdisciplinary group. Which focuses on the following aspects.

• Doctors
• Nurses
• Social workers
• Chaplains

Emotional and Social Problems

Patients and families face stress during a chronic and / or catastrophic illness, which can lead to fear, anxiety, hopelessness, or depression.

So we include treatment for:

• Depression and anxiety management
• Advice
• Support groups
• Family meetings
• Referrals to mental health professionals

Among the needs raised by patients and family will be carried out:

• Initial evaluation
• Management of Signs and Symptoms
• Education on Advance Directives
• On Call program
• Telephone Assistance
• Case Management

What can influence the intensity of symptoms?

In addition to the health condition, other symptoms that deteriorate the patient may occur such as:

• Fear
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Sadness
• Anguish